Volunteers to Offer Free Dental Clinic for Kids

The free dental work treatments day will be held on January 26 (Saturday).

As many as 31 volunteer dentists, plus 175 volunteers from the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association are going to offer these free dental work treatments.

They expect to offer free dental work treatments to as many as 600 children from ages between 3 and 16.

The dentists, together with the volunteer dental hygienists, dental students and assistants will offer free professional dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and comprehensive dental examinations.

The exact location of the free dental work day will be at 1801 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, at the Marquette University School of Dentistry.

This is going to be a first come first served free dental work event, which will last until 12:00am.

Some follow up free dental work treatments will also be offered at private dental office between February 1 and 8.

The appointments for these follow up free dental work treatments will be scheduled at the dental school.