Upcoming Free Dental Care in California

The free dental care treatments are offered by the DR. E. Earl Crane Children’s Dental Health Center.

The center serves typically students from the San Bernardino City Unified School District, and on an annual basis, it offers such free dental care treatments to about 400 students.

Every year, volunteers from the Assistance League will join forces with dentists from the center and visit well over 3,000 kids in the first grade to offer them free dental care in the form of dental screenings.

In March, the center will offer a wide array of free dental care treatments to K-12 students who qualify for the program.

Some of treatments include cavity fillings, dental sealants, extractions, root canal treatments, space maintainers and many more.

Throughout the rest of the year, the center also offers all these dental treatments for a fee of $20, for eligible students.

Families who do not qualify for welfare or the Medi-Cal, and who also cannot afford to pay for a dentist are the ones eligible for the free dental care treatments.

Those who would like to find out more information about the program in general, or about this upcoming free dental care opportunity should call 909-885-2045.