Uninsured to Receive Free Dental Treatments

The dentist wishes to give back something to the community, and thus he will offer free dental care services to the first 100 uninsured patients who arrive to the clinic.

The exact location of this clinic is at 128 Milton Avenue, and the free dental care clinic will be operated from 8:00am to 5:30pm (June 14-Friday).

First, the dentist will provide uninsured patients with a free dental care service in the form of a dental X-ray.

Then, he is going to offer each patient one of the following free dental care treatments- one professional dental cleaning, one root canal therapy or an extraction.

At this Dentistry from the Heart free dental care day, the dentist will provide several thousands of dollars worth of free treatments.

Eligibility criteria to participate at this free dental care clinic:
-patients must be 18+ years old
-they must be residents of Saratoga County

The dentist urges patients to arrive early for the free dental care clinic day, as the examinations will be provided on a first come first served basis.

The registration for the free dental care clinic starts at 6:00am and will last until 5:30pm.

This is the first Dentistry from the Heart free dental care event hosted by Dr. Pray, but he hopes he will organize many such important days in the future.

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