Uninsured Kids to Receive Free Dental Care

They will have access to a weeklong program offering free dental care treatments.

Between February 1 and 8, the Give Kids a Smile Week free dental care event will take place.

The free dental clinic will be held in Pikes Peak area, Colorado.

There will be approximately 20 private dentistry offices participating, plus the KIND Clinic (Kids in Need of Dentistry) and the Peak Vista Community Health Centers.

Children will receive free dental care treatments such as dental examinations, oral health screenings and any other dental treatments that they need, and which can be performed within approximately one hour.

Parents who would like to schedule an appointment with a private dentist for their little ones, should call at the following number:

598-5161 (Colorado Springs Dental Society).

Those who wish to make appointments through the Kids in Need of Density clinics, should call 227-1018.

Through Peak Vista Clinics, the contact phone number is 344-6448.