Summertime Dental: Taking Care of your Teeth

For example, children are involved in many collision injuries which result in damaged or even knocked out teeth, and they are at a higher risk of injuring their teeth at the side of the pool or by falling from the bike. As a parent, you should pay attention to the following when your child injures his/her teeth:

-in case your little one has broken a tooth, it is important to find the missing dental fragment if possible and go immediately to the dentist. Check to see if the tooth is actually bleeding from the middle and not only from the gums

-in case of a knocked out tooth, you should put it back into place as soon as possible. Immediately after an injury the area of the gums is quite numb so the child will not feel pain while you will insert back the tooth. Full recovery can be expected if you manage to put back the tooth within up to 30 minutes from the injury.

If the tooth cannot be put back into the dental socket, just place the tooth into a glass of milk and go as soon as possible to the dentist. It is extremely important to remember that you should not cleanse the tooth under running tap water, and do not touch the root of the tooth.

Then, during summertime people who spend too many hours in the pool can actually end up with discolored teeth. According to research in the field, people who spend 6+ hours every week in the swimming pool will have their front teeth discolored. This happens because the water has got a much higher Ph level than saliva, and after some time one can notice on the teeth brownish spots.

Lengthy exposure to water from the pool can also soften the dental enamel, and then you will put up with a much higher risk for dental decay and dental damage. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to visit the dentist regularly even during summer, to make sure that the teeth are healthy and strong. Fluoride treatments and regular professional dental cleanings will help you maintain a good oral health.

Summer is also the time for drinking sodas, white wine, and sports drinks in excess. Try to be careful and moderate your intake of these harmful beverages, which are highly acidic and destroy the dental enamel quickly. Instead, limit yourself to as much pure water as possible, and drink the favorite beverages only occasionally.

Since these types of drinks soften the dental enamel, it is important not to brush the teeth shortly after the consumption of the soda or sports drinks. If you brush while the enamel is soft, you will do more harm than good.