Successful Free Dental Care Day & Dental Buy Back Clinic

During this free dental care day, he offered a wide range of dental treatments at no cost for the needy patients.

The free dental services offered included dental fillings, extractions, root canal treatments, and dental cleanings.

Dr Patel said that unfortunately too many people lost access to dental care because they are out of their job, which means they have no dental insurance anymore.

Such a free dental care day is extremely important to these people as they can finally get rid of the pain and suffering because of dental complications.

On this particular day, there were approximately 190 patients gathered in line outside the office on October 6.

Dr Patel and his team of dentists and dental hygienists have managed to offer free treatments to 113 patients.

Since there were so many patients gathered at the event, and they were not able to serve them all, the dentist will organize another free dental event on November 3.

In an attempt to help kids protect their oral health, the dentist will hold another charitable program as well.

From November 1 and up to November 9 children who bring to the office Halloween candy will receive $1 per pound of candies donated.

Through this dental buy back event, the dentist wishes to raise the awareness upon the importance of keeping children’s teeth healthy, and make them consume less damaging sugar for a period at least.

The general dentistry office of Dr. Vijay Patel is located at 322N H Street, San Bernardino- California – 92410.