Successful Christmas Free Dental Event in Mesa, AZ

People started gathering outside the clinic from the night before, just to make sure they will have access to the treatments offered by the free dental clinic.

Comfort Dental organizes such free dental clinics for well over 30 years, so they have a pretty good reputation in this field.

The volunteer dentists and dental hygienists joined forces to donate their skills and time for the needy of the community.

This has been a first come first served event, and on the last event in 2011 Comfort Dental free dental clinic offered treatments to well over 4,500 patients on a nationwide level.

The free dental clinic offered treatments on Christmas Eve day from 7:30am and up until 11:30am.

Each of the branches of Comfort Dental offered on this day free dental treatments to patients in need.

Such free dental clinics are extremely important, especially for people who are out of their jobs, do not have proper dental insurance or simply cannot afford to pay out of pocket for the treatments they need.