Patients Received Free Dental Care Treatments

These people can get the relief they need only through the free dental treatments events organized throughout the country.

For example, on Wednesday and Thursday this week, as many as 100 patients received care thanks to the Dentist with a Heart free dental treatments campaign.

The event has been held at the 1st Family Dental in Roselle, IL.

The free dental treatments have been offered on a first come first served basis and included dental X-rays, extractions, fillings, and dental diagnostics services.

Then, on Friday February 15, there has been another free dental treatments event held in Gwinn, Michigan.

This was the Kids Smile Day and the event was hosted by Northern Trails Dental office in Gwinn.

These free dental treatments were offered to children 18 and younger, and the event was held as part of the National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Among the dental services offered it is important to mention professional dental cleanings, full mouth examinations, dental X-rays and many emergency dental treatments.

Dental care in general is extremely expensive and such free dental treatments events can really mean the world to patients who cannot afford to go to the dentist.