Ongoing Free Dental Work for Autistic Children in Florida

The free dental work services are customized, in order to make children feel extremely comfortable during the treatments.

During the course of the free dental work treatments, kids can watch interactive videos on the Ipad.

They will get familiarized with different dental procedures before any work is actually performed on them.

The dental staff says this way children will go much easier through the treatments, and they will not be afraid of the dentist.

Some of the regular free dental or treatments for children with autism performed at NSU include dental cleanings, extractions or cavity fillings but also other types of dental care.

Children are allowed to take short breaks during the free dental work treatments, and dentists show a considerable amount of patience and friendliness towards the little dental patients.

The free dental work treatments for children with autism are offered at the Mailman Segal Center’s Baudhuin Preschool.

This is actually located on the main campus on the NSU.

For more information about the free dental work program, make sure to contact the university staff at 541-6682.

The exact address is 3200 S University Dr., Davie, FL-33314.