Needy to Receive Free Dental Work

Dentists will offer free treatments through the Smiles from the Heart Event.

This free dental work event is organized by Eli Jackson’s office Chandler Park Dental Care.

There will be about 70 volunteers donating their time and skills on this free dental work day.

Last year when they organized the event, they offered free dental work to about 266 patients, and free treatments worth of $90,000 in one single day.

The team will join forces and they will offer free dental work treatments on February 8.

February is also the National Dental Health Month, so this is a perfect opportunity for people who cannot afford dental care.

Patients will be able to choose between one professional dental cleaning, one extraction or a dental filling.

The exact location of Chandler Park Dental Care is at 1857 Tucker Way- here will be the free dental work treatments provided on that day, starting from 7:00am and up until 4:00pm.