Needy Kids Received Full Range of Free Dental Care in Missouri

However, thanks to the initiatives of certain organizations, free dental care events are made possible to help out these children.

Last week, about 600 children from the St. Louis Missouri area received free dental care treatments.

These free dental care treatments included cavity fillings, professional dental cleanings, dental X-rays and many other such procedures.

The care has been offered by dentists and dental hygienists as part of the greater, national Give Kids a Smile event.

Last Friday when the free dental care treatment was held, as many as 500 volunteers were helping out on the site and guided kids through the special line of treatment.

First, they were taken to the triage area, then for dental X-rays, next to dental cleanings, cavity fillings, fluoride treatments, and those who needed it went on to get extractions or other needed restorative free dental care.

There were as many as 60 dental chairs operated, and about 80 dentists who offered their skills on the site of the free dental care event- at the St. Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education.

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