Multiple Free Dental Clinics Offering Care to Needy

This free dental help day is part of the DDS Give program which is meant to offer free dental services to people who cannot afford them.

The DDS Give program has been created by Kansas dental professionals, and its main aim is to provide free dental help to the underprivileged patients in NW Kansas.

Appointments for the free dental help day will be limited, but in order to schedule an appointment or to sign up patients can access the list with participating dental offices at

This is going to be a first come first served free dental help day.

The free dental help services offered at these dental practices will include root canal therapies, professional dental cleanings, cavity fillings, and extractions.

Dental services which generally require multiple appointments to be performed will not be offered (such as implants or dentures).

On last year’s DDS Give free dental help day, there were 14 dental practices participating, and as many as 18 dentists donating their skills and time in the benefit of the community.

The dental teams offered $80.098 worth of free dental help services last year.