Kids Receive Free Dental Sealants

The free dental work in the form of sealants will be offered by the Walnut Street Community Health Center.

This free dental work program has received funding and support from the Office of Oral Health of the Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene. The program received a grant of $10,000.

The dental sealants are basically very thin sheets of plastic which are fitted onto the molars of the children. These dental sealants prevent perfectly against the development of dental decay.

Normally, the cost of one dental sealant is about $60, but thanks to this grant the sealants will be available through the free dental work program.

Food particles, germs and bacteria are successfully kept away when dental sealants are present on the teeth. The application of the dental sealants is extremely quick and totally painless.

About 50% of the third grade kids in Maryland do struggle with dental decay. Thanks to this free dental work program, plenty of children will receive dental sealants which will stop / prevent the decay.

For this free dental work event, children will be seen at 24 N. Walnut Street in Hagerstown (the Walnut Street Dental Practice).

The dental staff of Walnut Street dental office is going to travel to certain Washington County public schools with the mobile dental van, to provide free dental work sealants to children from Washington County. Those who would like to get more information regarding this special dental program, should call at 301-393-3450.