Kids Receive Free Dental Care in Virginia

These free dental care days fall under a special event called Healthy Kids Drive Free Dental Days.

The free dental care services are offered by the Wilson Martino Dental practice and the dates are as follows:

-Buckhannon- Wilson Martino Dental practice- at 19. E. Main Street. The free dental care clinic will be hosted on July 10. For more information, please call 304-472-4954

-Elkins-Wilson Martino Dental practice located at 1510 Harrison Avenue. For more information, please call 304-636-2009. The free dental care clinic will be hosted on July 11

Wilson Martino Dental will offer a wide variety of free dental care services for children up to 12 years of age. Some of the free dental care services offered include dental X-rays, dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, routine dental checks, cavity fillings, resin restorations and even stainless steel dental crowns.

In order to register their kids for this upcoming free dental care day, parents should call at one of the dental offices.

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