Kids Receive Free Dental Care

On September 21 (Saturday) there will be a free dental work day held.

The free dental work day is hosted by the Willow Dental Group.

This is the first annual Little Smiles, Big Fun free dental work event of the practice.

The free dental work services will be offered to kids from the Fresno area, who are 12 years old and under.

According to the staff of Willow Dental Group, on Saturday the dentist expects to offer free dental work treatments to about 120 children.

The free dental work services will include dental cleanings, dental examinations, dental X-rays where necessary and also fluoride treatments to prevent decay.

The free dental work day starts at 9:00am on Saturday and kids will be treated up until 2:00pm.

This will be a first come first served free dental work day, so patients are urged to arrive early to the dental practice.

The exact location of Willow Dental Group is at 6753 N. Willow Avenue, Fresno CA.