Low Income Children and Adults Will Receive Free Dental Help

Free Dental Help Report — Free Dental Help for Needy Kids in Nashua, NH. Low Income Children to Receive Free Dental Help in Boston NH. Free Dental Help Offered by Brewster MA Dentist

Free Dental Help for Needy Kids in Nashua, NH

On February 3 (Friday) several “Give Kids a Smile” dentists will donate their time and skills for a noble cause. Children from low income families will be offered free dental services such as fluoride treatments, professional dental cleanings, dental exams and tooth sealants.

The event is supported by the ADA (American Dental Association), and it is a tradition in Nashua ever since 2003. As annual supporters of the dental event, it is important to mention the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation and the New Hampshire Dental Society.

More: http://nashua.patch.com/articles/free-dental-care-for-kids-in-nashua

Low Income Children to Receive Free Dental Help in Boston NH

Several dentists from the New Hampshire area will join their forces to provide children from low income families with free dental help.

Free dental services will be offered on February 3, and in most of the locations the dentists will collaborate with the local schools in the area. Parents interested to take their child for free dental treatment, should find out more information at their child’s school dental office.

More: http://www.boston.com/news/local/new_hampshire/articles/2012/01/23/nh_dentists_offering_free_care_for_low_income_kids/

Free Dental Help Offered by Brewster MA Dentist

The free dental help event will be provided by East Brewster Dental office on February 11 as part of the greater Dentistry from the Heart Event. The location of the clinic is at 11 Bayside Courtwill.

Dr. Stephen Bellorini, together with his expert team of dental hygienists will provide citizens of Brewster with free dental help services. Registration starts at 8a.m. and those interested to attend should be there early because the services are offered on a first come first served basis.

Patients will be offered the option to choose one from the following free dental services: dental filling, professional dental cleaning, and denture repair or tooth extraction.

More: http://www.wickedlocal.com/brewster/news/x1771269026/Free-Dental-care-in-Brewster-Feb-11#axzz1kIDReyfj

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