Homeless Children Received Free Dental Care in Florida

With this occasion, many dentists joined their forces and offered free dental care to children from the area.

Dental professionals from all over the country have volunteered to offer free dental care to children who have never seen a dentist.

As many as 100 homeless children received the free dental care treatments they needed.

The free dental treatments have been offered at the Health Care Center for the Homeless.
According to the CEO of the profit, Bakari Burns, the organizers of the free dental care event even took the time to explain the parents of these kids that they should come for follow up visits to the center.
At this center, Medicaid is accepted.

However, sadly the greatest majority of the children do not have Medicaid, mainly because parents have never applied for the program. With this free dental care project, organizers not only provided free treatments but they also raised the awareness upon the importance of having Medicaid, because this way children can always receive the dental treatments they need.

The charitable foundation of the association which held the free dental care day, offered a grant of $45,000 to the Health Care Center. This money is intended to cover for upcoming free professional dental cleanings, restorative dental work, and oral health checkups for the kids.