Free Emergency Dental Help and Services Clinic

The free dental help clinic day will start at 8:00am and the dental staff will keep on providing emergency dental treatments up until 3:00pm.

Some of the free dental help emergency treatments offered include root canal therapies, cavity fillings, treatments for toothache, extractions, and professional cleanings for infected gums.

The dental staff wishes to provide free emergency dental help treatments to as many patients as possible during this day.

This is going to be a first come first served free dental help day.

There are no appointments necessary for the free dental help day.

Also, there will be one free emergency dental help treatment available per patient, so that the staff can treat as many patients as possible.

The exact location of the free dental help emergency treatments day will be hosted at the Los Angeles office of the California Dental Group.

The exact location is at 4702 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041.

Those who would like to access more valuable information about this upcoming free dental help day, should call at (323)-255-5572.