Free Dental Work Clinic Hosted in Illinois

The exact location of the clinic is at 2511 N. Milwaukee Avenue, and the dental staff has offered a wide range of free dental work treatments including: oral health examinations, professional dental cleanings, extractions or dental X-rays.

This dental clinic has several branches throughout the city and it has been organizing such free dental works for several years now.

This is already the 13th year, and plenty of dentists and dental hygienists participated in the free dental work event.

On Wednesday, the free dental work clinic lasted from 9:00am to 6:00pm and more than 100 patients have been provided with the treatments they needed.

Right next door to the dental office, the Miller Real Estate has opened up its doors to welcome the patients for a cup of hot coffee and a place to sit down while they were waiting for their turn on the dental treatments.

There are just too many people who cannot afford dental work, or who do not have access to it because of the lack of dental insurance.

In such cases, the free dental work events represent a blessing, because patients can get rid of a painful abscess or get the much needed dental cleaning to get rid of extremely dangerous dental plaque.

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