Free Dental Treatments Offered in Arizona

The most vulnerable in front of the entire medical system are the children.

Students of Midwestern University in Glendale have hosted a free dental treatments day where they offered a wide range of free dental care to kids in need.

There are just too many families out there who cannot take their little ones for the needed dental checkups, or to get a basic dental treatments such as a cavity filling.

As many as 250 students from the University gathered and offered these kids and their families one more reason to smile last weekend.

The students volunteered and donated their time and skills in the benefit of the children, by offering them free basic dental work.

Among others, the students offered free dental treatments such as dental X-rays, cavity fillings, extractions and plenty more.

Free dental care is literally priceless, especially for families where they live from paycheck to paycheck and struggle with everyday needs.

Such a free dental treatments clinic is basically a win win opportunity for everyone involved.

The dental students get to practice their skills, while the children receive the free dental treatments they needed so much.

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