Free Dental Services for Patients in Need

The free dental services will be offered on January 12 (Saturday), at the location of the Case Western Reserve dental clinic.

Professionals will offer free dental examinations, oral cancer screenings, professional dental cleanings and dental X-rays.

The exact location of the dental clinic where the free dental services are offered, is at 2123 Emergency Drive (right near the intersection with Cornell Rd).

In order to notify the dental school, those who wish to receive these free dental services should call at the following number:


Walk-ins are going to be accepted as well.

The dental students are going to be supervised by professional dentists all throughout the free dental services day.

Patients who require any additional dental treatments may be eligible to receive them at discounted rates.

Those persons who wish to become regular patients at the dental clinic, will receive a $10 voucher.

This voucher can be used up at their next visit at the dental clinic.

Those who wish to find out more information regarding the free dental services available, should call at the clinic between 9:00am and 4:00pm on weekdays.