Free Dental Services for Low-Income Uninsured Adults

Free Dental Services for Adults — Midland dental hygienist offering free services for low-income patients. Free dental services for uninsured. Free dental services offered for those without insurance.

Midland dental hygienist offering free services for low-income patients

MIDLAND – Nicole Brunelle believes so strongly in the importance of good oral health that she is offering free dental hygiene service for one day to people who can’t afford it.

One way hygienists are aiming to educate the public and the government is with a free one-day event called Gift from the Heart on Feb. 12.

Free dental services for uninsured

AVALENTINE GIFT: Local dentist Dr. Rocio Martinez is offering free emergency dental treatments Feb. 14 at her Centro Dental Familiar center, 3110 S. Millard from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

This is her valentine offering to people out of work because of the economy . . . and their teeth hurt!

“We will be conducting free emergency dental treatment days periodically throughout the year to help the less fortunate in our community,” Martinez says. Also, February is Dental Health Month. Hey, thanks for caring . . . and sharing!


Free dental services offered for those without insurance

Throughout February, participating dentists will offer free dental care to Seacoast residents who lack dental insurance or regular access to dental care through the program Dentists With A Heart.

With support from the New Hampshire Dental Society and Greater Southeast Component Society, dentists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists and other members of the dental team are volunteering their time and talents to provide free services as part of the this national program.

This is a national program that was established on the New Hampshire Seacoast in 1988, and has since provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in free dental services.