Free Dental Services for the Low-Income and Less Fortunate

Dental practice to offer free dental care

These types of free dental care events help people get rid of dental pain and discomfort so that they can continue with their everyday tasks.

This week, on Wednesday, the Vita Dental practice in West Chester, Ohio held a free dental treatments day for the needy from the area. This has been the 5th annual Community Care Day held by the practice.

Over the past 4 years the dedicated dentists and their team of hygienists and assistants offered well over $50,000 worth of free dental help to patients who cannot afford to pay for such care.

The free dentistry event was held on a first come first served basis. Patients were able to choose one of the following free dental services: professional dental cleaning, a cavity filling, a tooth extraction or denture adjustment.

The dentists treated the first 50 people who gathered in line at the Via Dental practice in West Chester. The free dental help clinic opened its doors at 7:30am and dentists treated patients until 12:00pm on that day.

The exact location of Vita Dental practice which holds annually such free dentistry days is at 7789 Cox Lane, West Chester OH.

Patients who could not be offered treatments because of the limited time, were actually put on a list for future free dental care events.

Free dental treatments on holidays

Christmas time is a holy time of giving, sharing and thinking about people who are less fortunate. Even when it comes to dental care.

There are just too many people out there who are so poor they cannot afford to get their teeth fixed for the upcoming holidays. This time of the year many dental clinics hold free dentistry events to offer a helping hand to these patients in need.

Wenatchee dental has already made a habit of offering free dental services to patients in need before Christmas.

The dental office calls this free dentistry event the Pain-Free Christmas Dental Day. However, since there is a huge number of people who would like to join, the staff needs to be very organized.

This is why, prior to the free dental help day, they organize a special sig up day. The next sign up day for the Pain Free Christmas Dental Day free dental treatments event is this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Mission Dei church.

The exact location if the church is at 14N. Mission Street – at the former Wenatchee World Theater.

The signup process for the free dentistry day is on a first come first served basis.

On the upcoming free dental day which is yet to be announced, the dentists will provide needy patients with cavity fillings and tooth extractions.

The dental staff says the free dental treatments offered in that day will be limited to only these two types of procedures.

Those who would like to get more information regarding the upcoming Pain Free Christmas Dental Day in Wenatchee, Washington should call at the following number: 663-4673.