Free Dental Services for Kids in Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Delta Dental’s Ronald McDonalds mobile dental clinic will soon make its visit to Belle Fourche in South Dakota.

Therefore, parents are reminded that they should make the necessary appointments for dental services in time for their kids.

The mobile clinic will be present in town between April 9 and 13.

The dentists and volunteers working at the project will provide free preventative and restorative dental care treatments to children up to 21 years of age.

Those who are eligible are mainly children who do not have a dentist, those who lack dental endurance, or those who have not seen a dentist in the past couple of years.

Children need to be enrolled for the clinic as soon as possible, so that parents can make sure their child will get eligible for the free dental treatments.

Parents who are interested to ask for applications, should call the clinic at the following number: 605-892-2523.

Among the free dental services provided by the staff from the Mobile Clinic:

  • professional teeth cleanings
  • tooth sealants
  • fluoride varnish treatments
  • stainless steel crowns
  • tooth extractions
  • pulpectomies (partial root canal treatments)

The St. James Episcopal Church in Belle Fourche will host the clinics.

Free dental services will be provided by local professionals and by dental staff from Delta Dental.

Belle Fourche hosts every year two such free dental clinics, and the main sponsors of the event are the Clarckson Family Foundation, Pioneer Bank of Belle Fourche, the Pamida Foundation, and the First Interstate Bank of Belle Fourche Foundation.