Free Dental Extractions Offered Last Saturday

This has been already the fourth year when the dental clinic offers free dental care for patients in need.

Last year, there were at least 175 patients “saved” of their painful tooth.

This year, the number of patients who received free dental care was even greater.

This free dental care event is called Free Extraction Day, and was started by the executive director of the UAFS Dental Hygiene Program, Dr. Mitzi Efurd.

Having to live everyday with an abscessed tooth which is terribly painful is a nightmare.

Volunteer dentists acknowledge this fact, and the need for such programs can be seen in the huge number of patients who show up every year for the free dental care treatments.

One simple extraction costs at least $100 and people without dental insurance cannot afford for sure to pay this amount.

This is why such free dental care treatments are so important in a community where the number of people without proper dental insurance but huge dental problems is growing considerably.