Free Dental Clinics Opening Up For Uninsured and Needy

These free dental clinics will be opened in Oakridge and Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The free dental clinics will offer a wide variety of services to WIC clients.

Some of the treatments will include fluoride varnish treatments, free oral health information, professional dental cleanings and dental hygiene examinations.

On Thursday, the first free dental clinic will be opened in Cottage Grove.

Then, in Cottage Drive the free dental clinic will open on July 19.

According to estimations, these two free dental clinics will be used by about 500 patients in need.

Children will receive free dental treatments too at these clinics.

There are many children struggling with untreated tooth decay, and they are missing out on school because of the pain and the discomfort.

Here is the schedule of the two free dental clinics:

-the Cottage Grove free dental clinic will be open every month on the 2nd and 3rd Thursdays.

The exact location of the clinic will be at the Department of Human Services Family Center, at 305 Coop Court.

-the Oakridge free dental clinic will be open for one day every 3 months (on the 3rd Friday).

The exact location of the Oakridge free dental clinic is at the Willamette Activity Center, at 47674 School Street in Oakridge

Those who would like to find out more information about these two free dental clinics, should call at the following number: 541-682-4202.