Free Dental Clinic to be Opened for Developmentally Disabled

A free dental clinic is planned for opening this summer in July by the “Desert Friends of the Developmentally Disabled“. The clinic’s aim is to provide free dental services for adults and children who are disabled.

According to Marianne Benson, who is the co-founder of the non-profit group Rancho-Mirage, the organization has already got a waiting list with 100 people from San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. They are all in need of dental services, and they unfortunately cannot afford them otherwise.

The Friends of the Developmentally Disabled will open the clinic in an office building situated right behind Rancho Las Palmas shopping centre. The organization has signed a lease contract for an office which is 1,200 square feet, and this will be the home of the free dental clinic.

It is important to mention that in California currently there are around 240,000 disabled adults and children. Approximately 10% of these live in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Most of the disabled adults have lost their health insurance, especially as a result of the cuts from the Government in the past few years.

Now the clinic comes to help these people and offer them the free dental services they need. The organization also wants to be able to provide other health services as well for these people, but this will happen in time, as more and more volunteers will join the free dental clinic.

Although most of the disabled children still do have their medical insurance, the dentists in general are being reluctant about performing dental services on them. Currently, approximately 88% of these disabled children and adults do need proper dental care as they are struggling with quite a bad general oral health.

Unfortunately, given the fact that disabled people cannot make their voice heard, lawmakers are cutting a lot of benefits from them. Therefore, they really need an organization that will help them and offer them all the care that they need.

If you would like to find out more about the issue, please contact Marianne Benson at the following number: (760)-832-6555. Alternatively, you are also welcome to contact the organization Friends of the Developmentally Disabled by email:

  • Samantha

    How wonderful that a free clinic is being opened for the developmentally disabled. You are absolutely right-people need to be the voice for them and make sure they are taken care of! It’s also helpful to know that so much of good oral hygiene can be done at home. Over the last year I’ve learned that good oral hygiene is so much more than just brushing your teeth twice a day. As a parent in charge of my children’s dental care, I have tried to become more responsible with their oral hygiene. I found some great tips and information in this ( Mom’s Guide.