Free Dental Clinic to Open for the Homeless

This free dental clinic is going to welcome the Tri-City homeless people and offer them the needed dental care.

The Tri City Dental Aid Clinic has been built thanks to donations of dental materials and equipment worth of about $200,000.

The supporters of this free dental clinic for the homeless initiative are Rob Thiessen of the Hope for Freedom Society and dentists Kevin Lauwers and Candace Woodman.

The free dental clinic for the homeless will take homeless patients once per month, starting with the month of July. The exact location of the free dental clinic will be at the Northside Church on Kingsway Avenue in PoCo.

The couple, dentists Lauwers and Woodman put a huge effort in making this free dental clinic for the homeless become a reality. They worked together with their associates to gather all the needed equipment, and the whole process took years.

The couple also managed to receive commitments from other dental hygienists and dentists from the area, who are going to donate services once the free dental clinic will open.

The free dental clinic is going to offer a wide range of dental treatments for the homeless from the area, so that they will not have to suffer any more from untreated cavities, gum infections, pain and other dental problems.

One of the biggest problems is that a homeless person with missing teeth for example, cannot have a good chance in seeking and keeping a job. These people are embarrassed that they are missing teeth, but the free dental clinic will help them get their smile back.

Those who would like to find out more information about the Tri City Dental Aid Clinic, should contact Hope for Freedom Society at the following number: 604-404-0475.

  • Eugene Espiritu

    I think this free dental clinic is way better than occasional free check ups and dental services offered by some dentists.