Free Dental Clinic Hosted in Mississippi

Patients started gathering outside of Watterson Family Dentistry even as early as 5:30 am to make sure they will get the needed treatments at the free dental clinic.

The weather has been extremely cold, but even like this a great number of patients lined up in front of the free dental clinic for a chance to get their teeth treated for free.

The registration for the event started at 8:00am on Saturday.

At the free dental clinic, the treatments have been provided by Dr. Scott Watterson and his team of sponsors and volunteers.

The patients had the chance to choose among one of the following dental treatments: a free extraction, a cavity filling or a professional dental cleaning.

The treatments have been offered on a first come first served basis.

During this free dental clinic event, there have been offered treatments to about 120 patients.

According to the marketing director of the Watterson Family Dentistry, such free dental clinics represent the best way to offer something back to the community.

At this free dental clinic, Dr. Watterson has been providing help mainly to patients who cannot afford to pay for the needed dental treatments.

Also, there were about 50 volunteers who helped with the event coordination at this free dental clinic.

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