Free Dental Clinic Held in Canada

This free dental clinic day has been hosted by the Healthy Smiles practice.

By 7:30 in the morning, Healthy Smiles free dental clinic has been flooded by patients requesting a great diversity of dental treatments such as cavity fillings, denture repairs, extractions, professional dental cleanings and so on.

This is already the second year when the free dental clinic is held in the area. The event is called From Our Hearts to Your Smile.

According to Dr. Shahram Yadzani who runs the clinic, this free dental clinic day is actually the busiest the entire year.

Unfortunately, there are just too many patients out there who will get the required dental care only once per year, when this free clinic day is hosted.

Dr. Yadzani has been helped out by other six dentists at this free dental clinic day.

According to estimations, at this free dental clinic there were treated about 100 patients in need.