Free Dental Care Services Scheduled for Low-Income

Dentists from the practice have decided to give something back to the community by providing free dental care treatments to patients in need.

The dental clinic will open it doors starting with 8:00am and dentists will keep on providing these free dental care services up until 12:00am.

The exact location of the dental office is at 1502 Blue Star Drive, Claremore.

Adults will have one choice of a free dental extraction or a dental filling. Children 12 years old and younger will receive one free dental cleaning.

This will be a first come first served free dental care event.

Those who are interested to find out more information regarding this free dental care day, are welcome to contact Flawless Smile at the following number:


Dental care is getting more and more expensive, so patients without insurance, or those who live on a low income cannot afford even basic dental care. This is why such humanitarian events are a blessing to these patients.