Free Dental Care through Grants Available for Low-Income

This free dental clinic is possible thanks to the fact that Delta Dental of NJ Foundation has awarded about $700,000 in grants to all sorts of community programs in New Jersey and Connecticut.

This Foundation is basically the charitable branch of Delta Dental New Jersey.

Such grants are extremely important, especially in areas where there is a huge number of patients who simply cannot have access to the dental care they need. These grants will be set aside in order to cover for the free dental care treatments needed by the underserved patients in the area.

Since these patients do not have access even to preventative dental care, the number of dental emergencies is continuously on the rise. The patients will receive the needed preventative free dental care, and thus huge costs for eventual expensive emergency dental treatments are cut.

These free dental services grants will help offering free dental care to the uninsured, underserved and especially to children who come from families that are below the federal poverty level. Also, free dental care will be offered to the needy seniors and the developmentally disabled patients.

Some of the providers in New Jersey where free dental care will be available include:

Dental Lifeline Network – free dental care for the seniors, patients at a medical risk and disabled patients

Camden County – Cathedral Kitchen in Camden- offering emergency free dental care through its program called “Project Smiles Dental Clinic”.

Essex County – East Orange Department of Health and Human Services, East Orange- free dental care services including especially dental sealants and fluoride treatments for children coming from uninsured and low income families

Hudson County Dental Society, Union City – a group of volunteer dentists providing free dental care to underserved children through Give Kids a Smile events

Ocean County – Ocean Health Initiatives in Lakewood- free dental clinic offering treatments to children from low income families. They offer care through pediatric friendly dental clinics.

Passaic County – Eva’s Village in Paterson- offering free dental care mainly to the homeless, to underinsured & uninsured, to recovering addicts and to the working poor patients from the area. The greatest majority of these people haven’t seen the dentist even in about 20 years, so free dental care is extremely important to them.