Free Dental Care Day Upcoming in Florida

The free dental care day will be hosted by Village Plaza Dental Design practice.

This will be a free dental day which will last for 6 hours on Friday.

At this free dental care day, there will be about 11 dentists from all across Florida who will donate their time and skills in the benefit of people who need these treatments the most.

The free dental care services will be provided from 7:00M and up until 1:00PM.

The exact location of Village Plaza Dental Designs is at 422 U.S. 98 N., Lakeland.

There are no registrations needed for this free dental care day.

This free dental care day is aimed at helping needy patients lower their risk for complications such as diabetes or heart disease, which could arise because of untreated dental problems.

The patients will also receive some discount coupons for the follow-up examinations on this free dental care day.

Two years ago, at the free dental care day hosted by the same practice there have been treated about 100 patients.

The organizers expect they will be able to offer treatments to even more people this year.

Those who wish to have access to even more information regarding this upcoming free dental care day, should call at 863-589-6662.