Free Dental Care Day for People Who Cannot Afford Dental Services

Free Dental Care Days are possible because volunteers offer their time and skills in favor of the people who cannot afford dental services and to those who simply do not have proper health or dental insurance.

On June the 17th free dental care will be offered to anyone who is above the age of 18. The event will be held at “Advanced Dental Care” in Springfield.

Matt VanderMolen from “Advanced Dental Care” says hat he knows there are several people out there who need his services, but couldn’t ever afford to pay for them. This event of “Dentistry from the Heart” is actually the second of its kind for the dentist.

Patients are going to be offered the services on a first come first served basis. The location of the office is at 4701 W. Wabash Ave., Springfield. On that day, the free dental office will operate from 7:30 am. According to the receptionist of the office, Aubrey Torres, there will be available portable toilets and security will also be offered for those who choose to get in line the evening before the event.

Depending on the number of patients that will arrive seeking care, the free dental clinic will last until the afternoon hours.

Patients will have to choose between one of the following dental services:

  • One tooth extraction
  • One professional teeth cleaning
  • One filling

Pregnant women should not attend the event, as there is quite a risk involved with performing treatment on them. There will also not be offered dental services such as dentures, bridges, crowns or root canal treatments.

VanderMolen will be assisted by other three dental professionals, namely Victoria Driskill, Eric Woolbright, and Keith Cummins. Randy Lawson from Jacksonville will also join the team.

VanderMolen says that with dentistry from the heart he is able to offer something back to the community and help those people who are truly in need, and cannot afford dental services of any kind. On the site, there will also be around 40 volunteers who will help out so that the event will run smoothly.

  • Pune Dentist

    I am also a Dental surgeon in Pune, India. I am also providing free dental treatments for two days in every 3 months. Those who cant afford it can get best services from us of no cost.
    May be its not a big thing but its a small effort for helping the mankind.

  • Madalin

    I do not understand what dental services are so expensive, the truth is that many people can not afford treatment and go to the doctor only when the pain is so extreme these days when medical services are free are welcome.