Free Dental Care Clinic in North Carolina

Dental care in Charlotte area sometimes works like a lottery.

People who cannot afford proper dental care simply line up early in the morning hours at the Urban Ministry Center.

Here, the winners will be redirected to the Charlotte Men’s Shelter in order to receive a free tooth extraction. For people who cannot afford even basic care, and for those who are struggling with infected teeth, this is a pretty big prize to win.

For instance, a homeless veteran called Ron Hood who is 58 years old, has been in the line for several times now, but he just didn’t get lucky at the dental lottery.

Time has passed, and of course his pain and infection got worse. He dreams about becoming a certified nurse, because this way he will get proper dental and medical insurance.

The state of North Carolina is on top of the list among the states who offer very good medical programs for children, but when it comes to the adult strata of the society, they are unfortunately not so well served. However, the North Carolina Mission of Mercy is offering a helping hand, because it will host a free dental clinic in the area.

The clinic will take place on August 19 and 20 at the Charlotte Convention Centre. It is estimated that there will be treated around 4,000 adults who are low income.

In North Carolina alone, there are currently 1.3 million adults who do not have proper medical insurance, and thrice as many people do not have dental insurance.

Therefore, such humanitarian events are a great help for the society, for people who simply cannot afford any kind of dental care.