Free Dental Care Access for Seniors with Fixed Income

Free dental clinics located near major cities
Indeed, if you live near or within a major US city, you should run a thorough research, because most probably there are free/low cost dental clinics available in the area. These dental clinics mainly offer low cost and free dental care to those living on a low income, to those without dental insurance and to the elderly. There are some eligibility criteria that must be met, but other than that, seniors can have access to the dental care they need extremely affordably, or even for free.

Low cost dental care through dental plans
There are many dental plan providers who have got specially worked out plans to serve the elderly. For instance, Delta Dental such a provider, and through their plans for the elderly they offer 100% free preventative dental care, while for more serious dental procedures such as oral surgery they offer minimum 50% coverage. With a little bit of research and comparison shopping, you can have access to extremely affordable dental care, and alleviate financial stress once and for all.

Free Dental Missions + Free Dental Clinics
There are many religious organizations, health organizations and others who participate in nationwide programs and offer days of free dental care for the seniors. Some of these clinics are temporary, while there are also many with a permanent character. For instance, Dentistry from the Heart is such a non profit organization which holds very frequently dental clinics all across the country. They offer free dental care for the needy of the society such the uninsured, the underinsured, the seniors, children, pregnant women, the homeless and so on.
Then, a Christian organization called Operation Blessing International is yet another such nonprofit offering free dental care services to those in need. You should also check with the National Foundation of Dentistry whose aim is to provide free dental services to people who are in vulnerable situations such as children or the elderly.

Dental clinics with sliding fee scale
There are dentists who offer dental services according a sliding fee scale. This means that the dentist will take into account your income, and determine a payment schedule that is affordable to you based on your income. You should simply ask around from friends, family members, or acquaintances if they can redirect you towards such a dental clinic that offers low fee dental care to the elderly patients.

The possibilities are plenty, but the truth is that some research is needed. Constantly look up free dental clinics organized in your area, get in touch with dentists and dental clinics, and check discussion forums on this topic of interest.