Free Dental Braces to Underserved Children: Smile for a Lifetime is Giving Thanks

Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) Foundation is giving thanks, this holiday season, as we welcome our 130th chapter to our family and a growth of some 60% over the past 18 months!

S4L provides orthodontic scholarships (free dental braces) to underserved children ages 11-18 through local chapters founded by orthodontists in their communities.

Each chapter recruits a local board of directors who in turn select applicants to receive the awards. Our orthodontists then provide free orthodontic services to the children selected. Currently, we serve some 1,000 children annually.

Many of our children have been bullied or made fun of because of their smile. Their families are just barely able to pay for life’s essentials, and braces are not an option.

S4L chapters try to meet this need by providing free services to qualified applicants. Our mission is to “increase self-confidence, inspire hope and to change the lives of children in a dramatic way” through the gift of a smile.

If you are a child or know of a child who needs orthodontic treatment please click on our U.S. or Canadian maps designating our chapter locations for more information.

Or if you are an orthodontist and would be interested in serving with S4L please click on “For Orthodontists” for more information.

Currently, we have 130 chapters serving in 41 states and Canada and have formed a national partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

With your help we can serve more children and change their lives forever with the gift of a smile!

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