Free and Low Cost Dental Care for Children and Adults without Insurance

Free Dental Care Report — Free Dental Services in Incline Village, Nevada. Free Dental Care for Children offered by Medworks. Free Dental Care for the Uninsured in East Tennessee. Free Dental Services for Children in Newnan. Fundraiser for Free Dental Clinic in Rockingham County. Free Dental Clinic for Children in Marlborough. Low Cost Dental Services with the Help of Unity Dental Group Penfield. Free Dental Care Day in Hawaii from the Amazing Tooth Bus

Community Health Fair Held at Mill Pond Assisted Living

On April 19th, there has been a community fair held at Mill Pond Assisted Living (Park Ridge), from 12pm to 3pm. There have been many prizes offered, but most importantly there were 22 health professionals offering their services to the attendees. Free dental exams were provided by Pascack Dental Arts, free bone density screenings by the Hackensack University Medical Center, and information on flu prevention and the so called “Germ Ball” activity by the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. The Alzheimer’s Association has also been present at the event offering their services to the seniors in assisted living.


Free Dental Screenings in Incline Village, Nevada

Tahoe Family Solutions will offer its free dental screening services to citizens of Incline Village, Nevada. The event will take place on April 30, on Saturday at the offices of the Tahoe Family Solutions at 948 Incline Way, Incline Village.

The dental screenings will be offered to children between 1 and 12 years old, who are coming from families that cannot afford proper dental care for their children. In addition, there will be prescriptions of free oral and topical fluoride, thing which can happen thanks to the donations received. For further information, those interested should contact Tim Nelson at the following number: 775-298-0201.


Free Dental Care for Children offered by Medworks

Free dental services will be offered to children, thanks to the joined forces of Medworks and the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland. At the event there will be only extractions performed. The free clinic day will be held at 12201 Euclid Avenue on May 14th from 8am to 5pm. Children up to 12 years of age will receive fluoride treatments, while extractions will be provided to both children and adults. Those who want to join the event should make an appointment at (216)721-4010 (if you are an adult seeking appointment) and at (216)231-5350 (if your child needs the dental services offered)


Free Dental Event for the Uninsured in East Tennessee

Those who are under insured or do not have proper insurance, will receive free dental care services and vision exams. The event will be held at the Fist Baptist Church of Clinton (225 North Maine Street) on April 30 and May 1st. Among the free dental services offered there will be included extractions, oral hygiene services, fillings and professional dental cleanings. The clinic will be served by RAM volunteers, and it will open at 6am each morning during the two days (at 3am each morning those present will be distributed numbers).Those who need more information can freely call on the following number: 865-259-6726.


Free Dental Screenings for Children in Newnan

On May 7th, from 10 am to 1 pm there will be held a free dental screening session for children. The location of the event is the parking lot of Golden Corral (Bullsboro Drive). The event will take place thanks to the support of the Newnan Chapter of the Continental Societies Inc., the Orchettes Civic and Social Club, CK and the Gospel Redeemers, and SunCrest Home Health. All these organizations are going to sponsor the Colgate Dental Van that will be the main location for the event. Children who are eligible are the ones up to 12 years of age. Besides free dental screenings, children will also receive gifts.


Fundraiser for Free Clinic in Rockingham County

There will be a benefit held of May 7th in Rockingham County (at Flintrock Farm on U.S. 158). The Kentucky Derby will become the main theme for the fundraiser, and all the benefits will be donated for the Free Clinic. This clinic is a non profit organization, where volunteers will provide proper dental and general medical health care for the residents of Rockingham County who do not have insurance or who are under insured. One ticket for the fundraiser which will be a huge entertainment filled event with music and live shows, costs $50. Those who want to buy tickets should call 627-1127.


Free Dental Clinic for Children in Marlborough

Those children, who do not have health insurance, will be offered free dental services by the Associates of Marlborough the upcoming month. There will be free dental exams, professional dental cleanings but also educational material offered. The clinic will take place on May 21, from 9am to 4pm. If you are a parent who needs an appointment for your child, please call 508-485-1800.


Low Cost Dental Services with the Help of Unity Dental Group Penfield

Unity Dental Group is here to offer you the best and the most affordable services in dental care and hygiene. Those of you who do not have health insurance or simply cannot afford to pay for dental services, are offered by Unity Dental Group financial aids based on the monthly income or assets. Moreover, Unity Dental Group can help obtaining cheap or even no cost health insurance, or arrange a very advantageous payment plan. Address: 2060 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road – Penfield, NY


Free Dental Care Day in Hawaii from the Amazing Tooth Bus

The Amazing Tooth Bus service has been offering free dental screenings for children who are uninsured. The location of the event was on Lehua Street (Honoka Park). The event was on a first come first served basis, and all children and teenagers up to 20 years of age were eligible.

Also, at the Hamakua Health Center Annex, the Amazing Tooth Bus will offer further free dental screenings beginning May 2nd. Communities from Keiki, or teens from the Kohala, Waikoloa or Waimea who qualify for Medquest are welcome to join the event. For further information regarding free dental events held on the Amazing Tooth Bus, please call (808)333-8410.