Dentists to Offer Free Dental Treatments before Christmas

A local dental center will offer free dental treatments to patients in need on December 1.

The free dental treatments are offered at the offices of the Carolina Dental Center, Waxhau.

Organizers say that patients who wish to receive these free dental treatments should arrive early to the location, as event registration starts at 7:00am.

This is going to be a first come first served free dental treatments day.

The dentists, together with the volunteer dental hygienists will keep on providing free dental treatments up until 5:00pm that day.

The exact location of the Carolinas Dental Center is at 2514 Cuthbertson Road, Suita A- Waxhau.

Such free dental treatments events are very highly regarded especially in areas where there are too many people who need proper treatment but cannot afford to pay for these treatments at the dentist.