Dental Clinic Offering Free Dental Services Opened

On Wednesday a new free dental clinic has opened in Orlando.

It is called the Sanford Brown Institute Dental Hygiene Clinic, and it will offer free dental services for people who cannot otherwise afford them.

It is extremely important to mention that this is the first dental clinic of this kind in the state of Florida.

Among the free dental services offered, one can mention the professional dental cleanings, free dental checkups, X-rays and also denture maintenance.

The services will be provided by the students from the Sanford Brown, and they believe this is an extremely important experience for them.

Students will acquire experience through practicing, while patients who cannot afford such dental services will benefit a lot.

Especially people who are going on with several dental complications without having proper insurance will be very happy to take advantage of these free dental services.

The need for such humanitarian dental clinic is huge not only for the state of Florida, but for the rest of the country as well.

Sanford Brown is a school which opened almost 3 years ago, it is an accredited school and until now already 19 students have enrolled to volunteer at the clinic.

The success of the clinic is huge, since appointments are booked already up until the end of January.

Next year, in both Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville there will open two more such free clinics that are similar to the one run by Sanford Brown Institute.