Cheap Dental Care Opportunities in Arizona

About 31% of the children never actually saw a dentist, 43% of kids between 6 and 8 struggle with untreated dental cavities, and 42% of the elderly need to put up with gum infections (gingivitis, gum disease). Keep reading to find out which are some low cost dental care opportunities available throughout the state for the uninsured and underserved patients.

Cheap professional dental cleanings in Phoenix
On average, the professional dental cleanings can cost even up to $90 or more without dental insurance. However, you can now maintain perfectly clean and plaque free teeth, because the Rio Salado College School of Dental Hygiene in Phoenix offers dental cleanings for $25. The dental staff offers these cleanings every day of the week (Mon-Fri).

Discounted dental care in Glendale
If you would like to have access to dental care treatments with discounts between 30% and 50%, you should check out the services offered by the Midwestern University Dental Institute. You will get the exact same high quality dental treatments you receive at a private dentist, but you will pay only a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive dental hygiene treatments in East Mesa
The Mesa Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic welcomes patients for a full range of comprehensive dental hygiene treatments. These treatments are offered for very affordable prices, and the clinic is open each year from August till the next year in May (Monday-Thursday).

Very cheap dental care for disadvantaged children in Phoenix
The Dave Pratt dental clinic in Phoenix offers very affordable dental treatments to children who come from underserved/poor families. The discounted treatments are offered to kids between 5 and 18 years old. Some of the low cost treatments offered include dental X-rays, fluoride treatments, dental cleanings, cavity fillings, extractions, emergency dental care and even root canal therapies. The dental clinic operates from Tuesday to Friday each week.

Affordable dental care at the A T Still University
This is actually the very first dental clinic in Arizona. It operates since 2003, and now it welcomes anyone for affordable dental treatments. Provided you do not struggle with an underlying health condition which would hinder you from getting dental care (such as high blood pressure), you can get dental treatments at only a fraction of the cost normally charged by private dentists.

The dental treatments are offered by dental students under the close supervision of licensed dentists. Some of the treatments offered include dental X-rays, oral health examinations, fillings, and plenty more.

As you can note, there are many opportunities for you to have access to dental treatments. You just need to run a research and check out the exact addresses and phone numbers of these clinics/universities, and then you can enjoy good oral health for minimum pricing.

Basically, each and every state in the US has got such dental clinics and schools where the uninsured or the undeserved can access low cost dental treatments that they need so much.

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