Arizona Residents Received Free Dental Care

This has been a Free Dentistry day where 49 patients from Glendale area received treatments at the free dental clinic day.

On this free dental clinic day, treatments were offered to patients without dental insurance.

Sadly, the number of people without dental insurance has increased considerably in the past few years, and such free dental clinics are always welcome.

The staff at Happy Valley Family Dentistry provided $16,499 worth of free dental care treatments.

The treatments offered at the free dental care clinic included sealants, professional dental cleanings, cavity fillings, and oral cancer screenings.

Without free dental clinic days such as Free Dentistry Day, millions of patients across the US would have to put up with terrible dental pain and discomfort.

Those who do not have insurance, cannot afford even a routine checkup, not to speak of more advanced dental treatments such as cavity fillings or a root canal therapy.

Those who would like to find out more about the upcoming free dental clinic days held by Happy Valley Family Dentistry, should call at 623-587-0300.