Adults to Receive Free Dental Treatment in Illinois

For this free dental treatments clinic there are welcome mainly adults 18+ years old.

The dental staff is going to offer a wide range of free dental treatments including professional dental cleanings, dental X-rays, cavity fillings, extractions or oral examinations.

The free dental treatments clinic is hosted by Sunset Hill Family Dental in Edwardsville, Illinois.

This is already the third annual A Reason to Smile free dental treatments day hosted by the practice.

At this free dental treatments clinic, the services will be provided mainly to the needy adults without proper dental insurance.

In the community of Edwardsville there are just too many adults without the means to afford proper dental care, and don’t have proper insurance coverage either.

For them, such a free dental treatments day comes as a true blessing.

The free dental treatments clinic will open its doors at 7:00m.

Sunset Hills Family Dental is located at 2 Club Centre Court in Edwardsville, IL.

Those who would like to have access to more information regarding this upcoming free dental treatments day, should all at 618-692-9980.

This is going to be a first come first served free dental treatments clinic. The first 100 patients 18+ years old will be guaranteed to receive the needed free dental treatments.

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