Accessible Dental Care for Low Income and Uninsured

Even if few, and more difficult to find there are still some options available which will help these people have access to affordable /free dental care. The first thing uninsured or low income patients should do is to contact their state dental society to find out which are the dental health assistance programs available at the moment.

Then, there are the dental schools available all across the country. At these dental schools clinics, students offer a wide variety of treatments for the low income and the uninsured patients. At times the dental care offered is completely free, while at times the school charges a certain fee- especially where there is needed a dental treatment that involves lab work too (for dental crowns for instance).

The patients might not have to pay for the work performed, but only for the dental materials used to create the crowns. To find out about the dental school clinics available in your area, you can make an enquiry at the state dental society, or research online.

Next there are the health centers which are federally funded. At these centers dental care is offered even to patients without any kind of dental insurance. Typically, the patient will pay for the dental work done at the center according to a sliding fee scale basis (which means that the fee will be adjusted to your level of income and affordability).

Dental discount plans are also extremely popular tools which will help you receive discounts on the spot at the dentist. The savings range between 10% and up to 60% on a wide variety of dental treatments. The easiest way to find some of the best dental discount plans in your area, is to look for a comparison shopping website and enter your ZIP code to find selected offers locally.

Other important resources to check out:

DDS-Donated Dental Services – an organization which helps relieving dental pain and discomfort while at the same time focusing on the preservation of oral health by offering dental treatments and dental health education to people who cannot afford it.

DDS works closely with a huge team of volunteer dentists, in order to offer free dental care to the poorest of the society. Keep in mind that patients who do not meet the eligibility criteria of DDS, can qualify for their Discounted Dental Program where the treatments are offered with a significant discount (50%).

Dentistry from the Heart events- hundreds of free dental care events are held all throughout the US every year. There are usually certain eligibility criteria which must be met, and most often Dentistry from the Heart events offer free preventative/basic dental care but also major work for uninsured and underserved patients.

You just need to keep an eye on the local news and check when and where such Dentistry from the Heart days are held. Some of the upcoming free dental days include:
-07/20/2013- at the Center for Advanced Periodontal and Implant Care in Canton, Ohio
-07/20/213- Bonita & Marco Dental Care in Bonita Springs, Florida
-07/20/2013- Southland Smiles, Ltd. In Flossmoor Illinois
-07/19/2013- Rockton Dental Care- Rockton, Illinois