Tips for the First Children Dental Visit

As a parent, you might find it extremely difficult to take your little one to the dentist. The very first time, not only the child is anxious but parents can feel extremely nervous too.

Parents can have an impact

Indeed, if you can transfer to your child positive vibes and a sense of trust that everything is going to turn out well, your little one will regard the first dental visit with less fear or skepticism. Make sure to talk openly to your child, and let him know that the dentist is going to help creating a wonderful smile, and he will also help eliminating pain forever.

Promise a little treat

Children like prizes, so perhaps you should promise your child a delicious treat for when the dental visit is over. Everything will go fine, and the two of you can enjoy a delicious dessert and forget about it all within seconds. In case the dental treatment performed does not allow eating sweets afterwards, offering a toy as a reward will be just fine.


Before taking your little one for the first time to the dentist, try telling all kinds of beautiful stories with positive endings which involve the dentist and perhaps their favorite cartoon character.

Small children are willing to do everything not to “upset” their favorite character, and they are going to show bravery in front of the dentist. Just let your imagination fly, and come up with some cute stories. It is fun for you, and it will work for your child!

Let them know the details

If you know that your child is most probably getting a cavity filling, then you should explain in a fun and interesting way the entire procedure to them. Explain to them that when the cavity is filled, there will be no more pain, and they can eat again sweets without having problems.

For extremely anxious children

If your child is extremely anxious, almost hysterical about visiting the dentist, make sure you will take him to the dental office only to get familiarized with the environment first. Pediatric dentists know very well that there are children who are a little bit more problematic to convince for a treatment, and they will show their warm and friendly side to help making the child comfortable.