Free and Affordable Dental Care Services at Dentistry Schools’ Clinics

Dental treatments, both regular and elective, can add up quickly in terms of costs. Some people are lucky enough to have dental insurance which will cover basic treatments and will generally offer as much as $1500 a year for regular dental care. Yet, there are as many as fifty percent of Americans that have no dental insurance whatsoever.

While dental care can be extraordinarily expensive for some people, there are really affordable options that people can turn to when in need of affordable dental care. One option available to people is getting treatment from dental school students at an accredited school: the treatments are often very affordable and sometimes free.

People with low income can get affordable dental care from students at any number of dental schools. Care can include treatments involving regular checkups and cleanings, fillings, and other necessary dental procedures. These dental treatments are very safe because the students are monitored by doctors and professional dentists as they work.

Is a Treatment at Dental School Safe?

The reason that schools allow students to work on dental patients is that the student can gain the much needed hands on experience they need in order to become qualified dentists. During any dental procedures the professors at the school work on patients with the students to ensure accurate and safe dental care.

Affordable Dental Treatment Option for Low-Income

Free and affordable dental treatments are definitely a great option for low income families. When you decide to get a dental treatment from any dental school you will need to find out what dental procedures are offered at no cost and if there are any fees associated with certain procedures offered.

Not all schools have the same fees and/or free offerings, so you will need to know in advance what type of free dental treatment you can avail yourself of; you may have to make an appointment at two different dental schools so that all of your dental procedures are free.

In terms of making an appointment for free dental treatment, the earlier that you do so, the better off you will be. Dental schools offering affordable dental alternatives often have very few available openings since so many patients take advantage of this super affordable dental treatment alternative. You will need to get in contact with the dental clinic offered by the dental school to find out about their hours of operation.

When seeking a qualified school in your area where you can get free or affordable dental treatments, you can check your local yellow pages, you can check on the Internet, or you can find out more from the dental association or dental society of the state in which you reside.

You can also get a full list of dental schools from the American Dental Association or (look below). If you are seeking regular, low cost hygiene treatments, you can sometimes get affordable dental treatments from a dental hygiene school; you can learn more about hygiene schools in your area by contacting the National Oral Health Information Clearing House or the Dental Hygienists’ Association.

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  • Lamert NISHIMWE

    I am student in dentistry, in RWANDA COUNTRY in AFRICA,


  • http://none Linda Tucker

    I retired from SFVAMC, dental service as a cerified, registered dental assistant, asst. dental assist. supervisor, hands-on 4-handed dentistry to dental assist. students and general practice residents. I also wrote articles for the employee’s newspaper to help motivate the veteran patients and employees how to take better care of their teeth. What I enjoyed the most is being in charge of the education department for the clinic. By supplying brochures and passing out free samples of toothpaste and toothbrushes. But since I have retired I can’t get anymore free hand outs. Today many of the african americans come up to me asking if I could get any free samples from them. But I am still unable to. By the way I am a 63 year old african american female and a military wife. Right now you can reach me on facebook Linda L. Tucker and I also write articles on URL: Hope to hear from you.

  • http://UniversityofIllinois@chicago John Bivins

    I am 69 and retired on social security. I need affordable
    dental care badly I speak at churh and my teeth hurt i have medicare and use small plan.

  • Dr. Roberts

    I wonder if these schools offer pediatric dental care as well?

  • laurie nelson

    I live in the Branson, mo area. I am in desperate need of dental care, as is my 25 year old son. I am on ssi due to a disabling accident. Medicaid does not offer dental coverage for adults in MO. The dental college is 5 hours away and we do not own a car. How do I reach out locally for help. I am too embarrassed to participate socially anymore due to crowns which have fallen off in front. The dentist who did the work 15 years ago wants over nine hundred dollars for each crown repair. This is not an option for me. My 25 year old went through a major illness and has no permanent teeth remaining. The social stigma for him is also paralyzing. Please help if you can. We would be more than grateful. I have exhausted local entities public assistance efforts.

  • Linda Tucker

    Hi laurie, you probably will have to go to the yellow pages: mo-free-clinic or the internet to find a affordable or neighborhood dentistry mobile clinic that may come near your home. You can also check out the following:

    Branson,Missouri taney County Health Department which is a public health department call: 866-269-5927 for info. listed- dental clinics, fee providers or adults with no dental insurance. Click on Missouri Free Dental Clinics to find a clinic near you in Branson, Mo. They have listed all of the free dental care clinics that they have found in Branson for free treatment.

    I hope this information will help you out.