General Dentists vs. Cosmetic Dentists: the Differences

If you need an extraction, gum disease treatment, or other such general dental work done you will surely go to your general dentist. However, when you need dental work that focuses not only on the functionality of the teeth but also the overall aesthetics of the teeth, you should choose a reputable cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentists will focus on creating beautiful teeth which are functional and healthy. A general dentist will typical focus on fixing problems, to make you feel comfortable and take the pain away, putting less stress on the importance of a Hollywood style smile.

Cosmetic dentists are trained specially to take into account the wishes of the patient. They know that patients must be 100% satisfied with the looks of their smile. General dentists might overlook this aspect and focus more on offering dental work that is correct from a medical point of view, and less perfect from an aesthetic point of view.

If you have ever got a filling for a molar at a general dentist, and then another filling at a cosmetic dentist, you already can see the difference. The filling offered by the cosmetic dentist has a perfect finish, you can almost not see the difference between your natural tooth and the filling.

It is not that general dentists do not offer high quality work, but if you are truly concerned about the perfect appearance of your smile, you should get work done at the cosmetic dentist.

General dentists have a got a more medical-technical mindset. They will pay attention to details pertaining to the functionality of the tooth, to your overall oral health and other aspects. However, the cosmetic dentist will have that creativity it takes to create a smile which is perfect and beautiful, plus very functional.

Both dentists focus on technical details and the comfort of the patient, but the cosmetic dentist is empowered with that extra creativity to make things outstanding.

Cosmetic dentists undergo many years of specializing in the cosmetic field, after finishing general dental school. They need to master perfectly the art of cosmetic dentistry, and they need certifications and qualifications to use all those important materials such as porcelains, tinting agents, opaquers, or the very complex binding agents for teeth. In order to be able to create the most natural and perfect result, cosmetic dentists must know exactly how to use and combine all these materials.

Cosmetic dentists will learn a lot about the artistic concept of smile design. When they will fit dental veneers, they will take into consideration the shape of the face, the configuration of the jaw, skin complexion and many other such details.

They will not just place the veneers over the teeth, but make them blend in beautifully with the rest of the patient’s anatomic details. Cosmetic dentists also suggest changes in the dental structure, such as making the teeth shorter or wider in order to complement and highlight the overall features of the patient.

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