Dentists Urged to Help in the Fight against Oral Cancer

This is an extremely concerning statistic, and dental professionals are urged to help with the fight against this dangerous disease.

On an annual basis, in Scotland alone there are approximately 700+ people diagnosed with oral cancer. In the UK, there are approximately 6,200 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed. Recently there has been a general dental professional meeting held in Glasgow, to discuss the importance of early diagnosis of oral cancer.

Every time oral cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stage, a life is saved. With proper treatment and close monitoring patients can revert to good health. But when the cancer is diagnosed in a latter stage, it can be too late for any proper treatments.

Professionals wish to raise the awareness upon the importance of oral cancer screening, especially among young people, who are 45 and younger. The under 45 age group is the one where there have been noted the most increases in oral cancer diagnoses.

The UK based Faculty of General Dental Practice has held this annual study day in order to help the Ben Walton Trust. The meeting has been held at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Within the past two years, the number of oral cancer diseases has doubled. This number can be considerably reduced if people start taking proper oral cancer screenings. A patient doesn’t necessarily have to notice any white lesions within the mouth, or a general feeling of malaise in order to take the test.

Oral cancer screening should be regarded as a preventative test, where patients go and make sure they do not have any cancerous lesions or tissues within their mouths.

A few decades ago, oral cancer has been seen as a disease attacking mainly men over the age of 50, who were heavy drinkers or heavy smokers and shockingly, about 1 in 10 diagnoses is made for a youngster who does not smoke or consume alcohol at all.

There is no certain scientific explanation why people without any such bad habits develop oral cancer, but researchers link them to the HPV virus infection, or extremely poor diet and dental hygiene habits.

In order to have much better survival rates, and avoid those saddening statistics, dentists should definitely advise their patients to take such oral cancer screenings on a regular basis.

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