What Do Dentists Think About Botox Treatments?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Botox Injections are on the number 1 place on the list of nonsurgical procedures. Across the US, several dentists have started offering Botox treatments to their patients.

Botox is used successfully in treating TMJ disorders and other facial pain and reconstruction problems.

However, a large number of patients would gladly choose to have their teeth whitened and at the same time get a dermal filler around the lips, so that they can shave off in an instant a few years.

A recent survey shows that approximately 70% of the dentists would actually like to provide such Botox treatments, while 24% believe that these treatments should not normally fall under the jurisdiction of a dentist, but these should be rather done by a cosmetic surgeon.

As little as 7% of the participants say they would agree to provide Botox treatments, but only if it is strictly necessary, and not for pure cosmetic reasons.

The dentists asked in the survey responded gladly to these questions of the survey, but one can clearly notice a clash of pro and contra ideas regarding the use of Botox in dental offices.

Dentists, who do not agree with the use of this treatment, say that it is not even worth it, because by starting to provide Botox treatments it doesn’t necessarily mean that new patients will be attracted.

Then, some believe that the insurance needs for the dentist might be too costly, and the training is costly too, so they are not sure if it is indeed worth trying it.

Dentists who voted pro for the Botox treatments in dental offices, say that they are the most suitable professionals to do this, mainly because they are working with the head, neck and jaw area much more than other specialists.

Then, dentists who have already added to their treatment list dermal filler and Botox treatments, say this is an opportunity to make big cash quite quickly, since the field of cosmetics is always one that attracts great money.

In many states of the US, dentists are by now allowed to use the dermal fillers or the Botox treatments for therapeutic, but also for aesthetic reasons. The luckiest dentists, have even noted a generous increase in their profits – with up to $100,000 on a yearly basis…thanks to Botox!