Dental Secrets Your Dentist Will Not Tell You

Your dentist might always tell you that you should brush floss and rinse regularly. However, there are a few secret tips that can make your smile look so much whiter and healthier that your dentist won’t tell you about.

Respect proper brushing/flossing time

Most of the people brush their teeth for 30 seconds on average. They all believe that this time is enough in order to kill all the bacteria and flush away the residues from in between the teeth and from the tongue.

This is a misconception. In order to make sure that your teeth, mouth and tongue are super clean, you should brush for at least 3 minutes, and floss the teeth for about 2 minutes.

Don’t bleach teeth excessively

Everybody loves to have a wonderfully white and bright smile, so what most of the people do is choose dental bleaching as often as possible. Top cosmetic dentists warn that excessive bleaching will sooner or later make your teeth look translucent.

This happens because the bleaching agents can be harsh on the natural enamel of the tooth and will make it thinner and thinner. It is advisable that you bleach your teeth at 6 months intervals, and never more often. Bleaching professionally the teeth twice a year is more than enough.

Don’t spread the bacteria to your child.

Cavity causing bacteria can spread extremely easily from mother to baby. It is enough if you share cutlery or food, and you will spread all these harmful bacteria to your child.

If you have a poor oral hygiene (such as gum disease or cavities) you need to pay special attention and not put your baby at risk of contacting these bacteria.

Regular dental cleaning or deep cleaning?

The truth is that some cosmetic dentists will perform deep dental cleaning even if you don’t need it. This is so because they can charge the insurance company more money than they would for regular cleaning.

If the dental exam shows that you don’t even have excessive tartar deposits at the root of your teeth, then a standard dental cleaning is enough.

  • Dr. Dan Sindelar

    If your dentist won’t tell you these things, he or she is not looking out for your best interest. Most dentists are not money-hungry con artists, but rather genuinely interested in their patients’ well being.

    If you feel like your dentist is more interested in making money than in helping you achieve optimum oral and overall health, please do not assume that we are all like that. Just find a new dentist!

    Dr. Dan Sindelar

  • Andre

    I agree with the comment above, I have recently changed dentists due to change in my location, and although my new dentist is amazing and leaps and bounds better than my old dentist, I think my new dentist is a better example of most dental practitioners. He is not only thourough but he works with me despite not having the best insurance, and is patient and explains everything I should or shouldn’t do. I recently had a tooth extracted, and he made sure I was completely numb before the procedure. With my old dentist I had to stop twice while he reinjected because he didn’t check for numbness, or warn me about the needle and I opened my eyes while he inpatienly injected me. So if you are not satisfied PLEASE keep looking for a new dentist, once you find a great one your life will never be the same!